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6 Tips for Backpacking in Southeast Asia

Rainforests, volcanoes, beaches and rice fields—it certainly has a wonderful mix of destinations to see and experience. Southeast Asia is definitely one of the most stimulating regions to explore in the world. You can spend the day exploring Buddhist temples, try white-water rafting in the afternoon and go partying at night on the beach. In… Read more »

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5 Must-Haves to Make Your Overnight Flight More Bearable

An overnight flight doesn’t have to be a hellish trip. While being up in the air for too long is notorious for causing jetlag and a mild insomnia, it becomes bearable if you carry the essential must-haves with you. You should first learn how to prepare well just before any long-haul flight. Remember that you… Read more »

How Much Will It Cost Us For a 5-Star Hotel Stay?  

  There are different kinds of travellers. There are carefree travellers who prefer backpacking and just go with the flow – which makes their experiences more exciting. The accommodation is not that important to these people. In fact, some can happily sleep outside with a sleeping bag and tent. There are also structured travellers –… Read more »

6 Tips in Packing Your Travel Makeup Kit

Broken compacts and shampoo explosions? What a bad way to start your supposedly epic vacation right? So before you start packing your beauty essentials, heed these tips first to ensure that you tote your beauty arsenal safely. Purchase a Shower Vanity Bag. Getting one will make things a lot easier for you, especially if you’re… Read more »

Advantages of Booking Travel Flights in Advance  

  While it is true that we can book our flights anytime here in Singapore, we still have to consider the advantages of booking in advance. The perils of booking too late will cost us dearly. If we are the cramming type, it is time that we learn the advantages of booking early. Here are… Read more »

5 Ways to Score Cheap Flights

Most of us have probably experienced the tiresome searching when trying to book for the cheapest possible flight to our destination. With the endless search on the search engines and continuous fluctuation in the prices, an attempt to book a frugal flight can be just overwhelming. But instead of getting all frustrated and worked up… Read more »

Real Disney-Like Places in the World  

Here in Singapore, everyone loves Disney. The charm of Disney never fades even after the death of Walt Disney, the founder. Your kids are probably convincing you to visit Disneyland in Hong Kong at this moment. You can indulge them in Disneyland or you can think of other affordable things to spoil them. If in… Read more »

Singapore: 4 Important Things to Bring to Have a Light Beach Vacation

Whether you are going to a beach for a day or perhaps a week, packing up things is the most important. To set things straight, you don’t have to bring many belongings on your beach vacation. In fact, all you need is money, food, clothes and lastly camera. Why? This is because bringing too many… Read more »