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Paint, Wallpaper, or Laminates: Which One is the Best?

When sprucing up the interior of your home, you have the option of being conservative with your interior decorating or going all-out and making your living space in such a way that reflects who you are and what you really like. There are three options that make this possible: paint, wallpaper, and laminates. But what… Read more »

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10 Signs of Electrical Wiring and Circuit Problems

Faulty wiring and the use of substandard electrical fixtures can cause fires, that is why you need to find a licensed electrician for electrical installation, repair, and maintenance. Call the nearest electrician services company in Singapore if you see any of these problems in your electrical works. 1. Flickering Lights. No, your apartment isn’t haunted… Read more »

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Ways to Make Laundering a Little More Eco-Friendly

  Though it may seem like a basic household chore, doing your laundry impacts the planet more than you think. According to reports, up to 80 percent of the environmental impact caused by our clothing comes from washing and drying, since it takes too much energy heating the water and running the dryer. So, there’s… Read more »

Household Tip: How to Take Care of Plastic Food Containers  

  You should not underestimate the power of plastic food containers. Plastic food containers serve as storage for your leftover meals. They are handy and they can take a beating from everyday use. Many Singaporeans do not take good care of plastic food containers because it can be replaced with another immediately. This article will… Read more »

Simple Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Autumn

  The scent of vanilla, pumpkin spice, and freshly fallen leaves are just too divine to pass on. So if you live in Singapore, where there’s only two seasons, you know that it’s impossible to enjoy autumn and all its gloriousness. But if you’re willing to try these tricks, you can have the most coveted… Read more »