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Tips for Better Nightscape Photos

Just because most modern cameras nowadays have night mode settings does not mean you are guaranteed a magazine-worthy night-time picture. You still need to tweak the settings to capture what your eyes can see because cameras still depend on sources of light to be effective. Here are tips to take better nightscape photos. Whether you… Read more »

Basic Materials You Need to Practice Calligraphy

Calligraphy has risen in popularity in the last few years, especially with the array of art tools that have been made available to collectors. A calligraphy set is also a perfect gift for family and friends who need to try new activities. Here are some of the basic items you will need to start a… Read more »

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5-Minute Guide to Getting Started with Pen and Ink Drawing

Drawing with ink is the next step from traditional pencil drawing, and while you can’t count on an eraser for your mistakes anymore, you also get a really creative medium where imagination is the limit. Traditional pen and ink drawings are made using black ink (ink of other colors is also okay) and plain paper,… Read more »