Buying an Engagement Ring Online

With the popularity and fast growing industry of online shopping in Singapore, you might be considering of buying an engagement ring online. To help you find the perfect ring to offer in bended knees to your beloved, here are some tips for shopping online safely.


How to know if it’s a trusted seller?

Unfortunately, anyone can easily set up a website and post photos of engagement and wedding rings from various sources. Some online sellers, when they sell a ring or a stone, they contact the manufacturer and have the product sent directly to the buyer. This is called “drop shipping,” and the website owner never actually sees the merchandise being shipped. What you need to find is an online vendor with direct access to the products being sold and can see and describe his merchandise to you.

More than that, you should also be able to talk to a knowledgeable gemologist (professionals who evaluate gems). This is especially useful when comparing options and when considering fancy-shaped stones.

What about exchanges and returns?

A money-back guarantee is essential when thinking of buying your wedding ring online. Stay away from online stores that offer store credit or a time span for the consumer to return the item as this doesn’t give enough time for the Singapore consumer to appraise the purchase. Ideally, look for an independent appraiser, one that’s not connected to buying and selling of jewellery and won’t be biased in their evaluation.

How to buy diamonds online?

Buying diamonds or any other gems online can be complicated. The obvious reason is that you can’t see the stone well as you could in person. While many sites provide the essential information such as cut, clarity, and colour of the stone, seeing the actual product in person would give you a better idea of how every ring looks when worn. Not to mention that most diamonds of the same quality grade look slightly different from each other—the colour varies slightly and the flaws affects differently the shine of the stone.

Also, make sure that the diamond you purchase has diamond certificate from a respected gemological institute. If you purchase one of a kind rings from Ling Jewellery in Singapore, they will come with a certificate. This accompanying document contains a report that enlists the quality characteristics of the stone, including the cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight. The report help guarantees that you’re getting what you’re paying for.


Generally, if buying your proposal ring online, it’s highly recommended to do so at Singapore websites that provide high-quality photos of actual stones and bands, as well as feature sell stones that are diamond certified.

What’s the most important tip to keep in mind?

Get informed! All the information needed is widely available in the Internet and even in the sites of the online sellers. Take enough time to learn the terminologies, and you’ll soon know more than many of jewellery salespeople in malls. Knowing the right words to use and speaking like a true diamond expert makes shopping easier and keeps you away from the possibilities of fraud transactions and misleading information.

What are the benefits of buying your ring online?

Online shopping is apparently a more relaxing way to shop. You can shop without living your home anytime you want. You can compare prices between different websites and get information about specific stones in just a couple of clicks. All in all, buying an engagement ring online is an ideal way to make use of technology for your own advantage.

Wherever you decide to purchase your wedding ring, remember not to get carried away with finding the best deals. Take advantage of the sea of choices you have and focus on looking for that one special ring you know is best for her.


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