Bringing Good Books Within Arm’s Reach


All people should appreciate books. Nothing compares to a good read and children should know its importance early. Books are significant because it can give you new perspectives and insights on issues that really matter. It helps readers to understand the world around them. Reading is a way to build knowledge that can enrich your life.


No matter your interest, there is always a book written especially for you. It is just a matter of finding it. The sad news is that books are slowly becoming unpopular because of internet and e-books. Books should never be out of place or out-dated. Thankfully there are organizations that seek to restore the glory of books.

Perhaps you haven’t heard about it since it is just new but an independent bookstore that goes by the name of BooksActually placed two book vending machines. Now this is new and innovative. The main goal of the bookstore is to bring good books within arm’s reach without the hassle of queuing or going to the bookstore. This is the bookshop’s way of encouraging people to buy books even without visiting the bookstore.

The three vending machines were installed on Friday, June 3, 2016. It was strategically installed at the Singapore Visitor Centre, National Museum of Singapore and Goodman Arts Centre. The places were chosen because of the heavy footfall. Now this is good news. This innovation will surely help a lot of people.


The machine has the capacity of 150 books. What is unique about this is that they will contain 20-22 books with different titles at a given point in time. It is said that the price of machines is around £5,000 each. The cost was partially funded by Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board. The vending machine is not boring as others picture it. The body of the machine is decorated with artworks of Odelia Tang, Alvin Mark Tan and Speak Cryptic.

According to the boss, Keny Leck, the vending machine is all about accessibility. Believe it or not there are not enough bookstores here so it is important to distribute books in many places. The vending machine is not a guarantee that you will buy a book but creators said that it is enough just to let you know that the books exist.

Starting with visual awareness can make a big difference at the end of the day. As of the moment, books are cash-only. Soon enough, the creators are hoping to incorporate cashless payments in the coming days. This is another first here and hopefully people will finally notice and be aware of the existence of good old books.


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