Best Beauty Splurges to Give Yourself

We understand how much you love DIY face masks and at-home manicures, but there are just times when certain beauty services and products are just worth the splurge. Here, we’ve rounded up four of the best beauty investments you can and should give yourself – everything from what you should feed your body to the best spa services available in the market. So if you’re interested with the idea of spoiling yourself every once in a while, here are some great beauty investments that you should try first.


  1. Teeth Aligning Treatment. It’s only natural for our teeth to shift as we get older, but why stress about your misaligned smile when you can actually get an Invisalign treatment. Sure, metal braces can help in straightening your teeth but with Invisalign treatment, the process of straightening your teeth will be more comfortable and easier to manage. What’s more amazing is that the process will be virtually invisible, which means you no longer have to experience a self-esteem smash by having a metal mouth.


  1. Eyebrow Threading. Having a bold and well-groomed brows is one of the secrets to give your face an instant lift. So instead of tweezing or getting an eyebrow wax done, visit an aesthetician who specializes in brow threading to groom and shape your eyebrows. Unlike waxing, threading offers a safer and more precise way of removing brow hair. Plus, you can also ask your aesthetician to give you the eyebrow shape that perfectly fits your face – something that is hard to achieve by using a tweezer and magnifying mirror alone.


  1. Facials. When your skin looks good, everything just seems to fall into place. By booking a weekly or monthly facial, you’re basically hiring a skincare expert who’ll be able to answer all of your questions when it comes to properly caring for your skin. Yes, facials can be darn expensive but getting one every few months will help in improving your circulation, balancing your skin type and decongesting your skin from within.


  1. Haircuts. You wear your hair daily, so why not invest in it? Getting the right cut will help in changing your overall look for the better. Also, don’t forget to trim your strands once in a while to prevent it from splitting up to the shaft. If you hair is in a good condition and you don’t use excessive styling tools on it, then you can go four to eight weeks in between cuts; if you use chemicals, try heading to the salon once every four to six weeks.

Splurging on these beauty investments once in a while isn’t a bad thing at all. Sure, some of it can be hard on your wallet, but investing on these things will help in changing yourself for the better.


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