Backpacker Hostels in Singapore

Not all people who visit Singapore can afford to stay in five star hotels and shop like there is no tomorrow. If you are travelling under a budget, you should consider low cost carriers and backpacking hostels. Don’t worry because there are a lot of backpacking hostels that offer a clean place to sleep, reliable bathroom and secure lockers to keep your belongings. If you don’t have any idea what hostel to consider, you can check:

Drop Inn

Drop Inn is famous because of its promotional program that attracts more guests. They offer a 10% discount for visitors on their next stay. This is appealing for backpackers with little budget.

Betel Box

In Betel, you can choose to live with others or you can have your own room for privacy’s sake. It is a new hostel with good amenities. You must see it to believe it.

River City Inn      

This hostel is relatively new located near Clarke Quay/Riverside area. There are many rooms but it is very quiet. You will find this place conducive.

Beary Nice

This hostel is located in Chinatown. You can access many tourist attractions and the famous Pagoda Street from this hostel. The rooms are spacious with comfortable beds.

The Little Red Dot

The Little Red Dot is famous for backpackers because of its comfortable beds and dorms (male and female).  You can surely rest and relax while talking to other backpackers.

If you have other hostels in mind, you should check it out. Make sure you book it and wait for the confirmation before your travel to avoid conflicts. You don’t need a luxurious place to stay if you visit Singapore. Hostels will do just fine. If you consider hostels, you will save plus you will meet a lot of people like you. That is fun.

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