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Masonic References You Should Know About

  Have you heard about Freemasonry? If not, this is the perfect time to know it. Freemasons are famous around the world because it is said that they secretly pull strings especially on major decisions. Aside from that, they are deemed to control world leaders and that world leaders are members of the organization. Members… Read more »

Tips on Learning Other Languages

  If you aspire to be a multi linguist, now is the time to make it a reality. There are no tasks too big if you put your heart to it. If you are planning to go outside Singapore for travel or work soon, you have to learn the language of the country you have… Read more »

Bringing Good Books Within Arm’s Reach

  All people should appreciate books. Nothing compares to a good read and children should know its importance early. Books are significant because it can give you new perspectives and insights on issues that really matter. It helps readers to understand the world around them. Reading is a way to build knowledge that can enrich… Read more »

5 Ways on How to Live a Life Without Regrets

  Feeling sad or sorry about something you did or did not do is normal. This is called regret or regrets. Regret is part of life. Without it, you will not know the importance of something or someone. Living without regret seems impossible but you can always live with it and move on. Karl Pillemer… Read more »

7 Questions You’re Probably Too Embarrassed to Ask Your Gynae

Visiting the hospital for annual women’s health exam is already anxiety-inducing, but discussing about your period, sex life, partner you have had and your personal hygiene down there is much more uncomfortable and for some scary. While it’s normal to feel uncomfortable at first, you should never skip asking your gynaecologist these seven questions: 1…. Read more »

The Most Profitable SME Industries in the World

  You are trying to secede from the big company you joined few years back because you think that you are ready to build your small business. You gained all the knowledge and experience that is why now you are confident to build your small business. As long as you have the vision, you will… Read more »

Business Skills You Should Learn in College

  If you want unlimited possibilities, you should think about opening your business soon. Do not waste your time and be forever enslaved by other people. Remember that every second you lose is a gain of someone else. If you have the vision, Singapore can be lucrative. If you have the determination, for sure it… Read more »

What Realities to Consider Before Moving in With Your Partner

Although the thought of moving in with your significant other is exciting and liberating, there are some things that you need to consider before taking the plunge. Even if your relationship was as its best when you were still living apart, living under one roof can be a completely different story. With that in mind,… Read more »