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6 Reasons to Include Pumpkin Seeds to Your Daily Diet

  With fall just around the corner, expect to see and experience pumpkin flavoured everything that you can put in your mouth. And although Singapore doesn’t have autumn, pumpkin is a common cooking ingredient starred in many of its local dishes. However, with all the pumpkin reverie we often overlook one of the vegetable’s best… Read more »

Simple Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Autumn

  The scent of vanilla, pumpkin spice, and freshly fallen leaves are just too divine to pass on. So if you live in Singapore, where there’s only two seasons, you know that it’s impossible to enjoy autumn and all its gloriousness. But if you’re willing to try these tricks, you can have the most coveted… Read more »

4 Mobile Apps to Help Keep You In Shape

  Whether you are looking for new exercises, to enhance the routine you already have, or just keep track of your fitness improvement, these mobile apps should do the trick for you. These programs can motivate you in many new ways, teach you new techniques, and show you your progress so you can work on… Read more »

4 Tips to Keeping Your Desk Chic and Tidy

Working from a tidy, chic workspace will foster creativity and keep productivity at optimum levels. Whether it’s an office space where you’re clocking in from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon, or a home desk where you often spend the night away studying your lessons, it’s important to keep it clean and… Read more »

5 Things to Do After Your Job Interview

A job interview is only half the battle in a job hunt, which is why making a lasting impression after the interview is vital in closing the deal. So if you’re still confused with what you should do after your job interview, here are five ways on how you can stay in touch with your… Read more »

Best Beauty Splurges to Give Yourself

We understand how much you love DIY face masks and at-home manicures, but there are just times when certain beauty services and products are just worth the splurge. Here, we’ve rounded up four of the best beauty investments you can and should give yourself – everything from what you should feed your body to the… Read more »

How Much Will It Cost Us For a 5-Star Hotel Stay?  

  There are different kinds of travellers. There are carefree travellers who prefer backpacking and just go with the flow – which makes their experiences more exciting. The accommodation is not that important to these people. In fact, some can happily sleep outside with a sleeping bag and tent. There are also structured travellers –… Read more »

Megatall Buildings  

  By the year 2020, we will not see a very short structure. High rise buildings are a natural sight in every city in the world now but not all are called supertall or megatall. In this decade, we will witness the completion of buildings over six hundred metre tall (or about two thousand feet)…. Read more »

Easy and Smart Q-Tips Beauty Hacks

If you’ve experienced sustaining a shoulder injury just from the weight of your purse, then you most likely understand how ridiculously heavy a woman’s day-to-day belongings can be. We tend to carry way too much on a daily basis, not to mention the stuff that we carry around on our trips. Luckily, you can already… Read more »

6 Tips in Packing Your Travel Makeup Kit

Broken compacts and shampoo explosions? What a bad way to start your supposedly epic vacation right? So before you start packing your beauty essentials, heed these tips first to ensure that you tote your beauty arsenal safely. Purchase a Shower Vanity Bag. Getting one will make things a lot easier for you, especially if you’re… Read more »

Vocal Training Methods Used by Instructors to Train Students

Voice trainer has become one of the most rapidly-growing profession in Singapore. Singers (whether novice or professional), as well as public speakers, news anchors, school teachers and commentator, are just some of the people who could use the help of a voice trainer. There’s really no particular age as to when a person should undergo… Read more »

Advantages of Booking Travel Flights in Advance  

  While it is true that we can book our flights anytime here in Singapore, we still have to consider the advantages of booking in advance. The perils of booking too late will cost us dearly. If we are the cramming type, it is time that we learn the advantages of booking early. Here are… Read more »

Condominiums of the Future  

  We are wondering what will the condo of the future look like. Well, for starters, anything is possible here in Singapore. The next generation of condo will only speak of three concepts – convenient, sustainable and ultra-connected. There is a new executive condominium here in Singapore that is under development and it can give… Read more »

5 Ways to Score Cheap Flights

Most of us have probably experienced the tiresome searching when trying to book for the cheapest possible flight to our destination. With the endless search on the search engines and continuous fluctuation in the prices, an attempt to book a frugal flight can be just overwhelming. But instead of getting all frustrated and worked up… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Sleeping Naked

Most of us only slip out of our pyjamas when we’re planning to turn up the heat in the bedroom. What we don’t know is that other than the purpose of canoodling with our partner, sleeping naked can actually be beneficial for our health. From an improved hormonal balance to better body composition, there are… Read more »