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Odd Foundations Tricks That are Worth Giving a Try

The makeup and beauty world is getting crazier as the day passes, but for every eight bad tricks, there are three or four good one that are actually worth a try. With that in mind, we created a rundown of some of the most effective makeup tricks that could help you nail your foundation game…. Read more »

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Living With Migraines

Migraines cannot be cured. The best that can be done is to prevent attacks as much as possible. This involves changing some of your habits and avoiding activities and objects that could trigger an attack. Avoid Triggers Migraine triggers can be any object or form of activity such as stress, hormonal changes, diet and physical… Read more »

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How to Look Good for Your Wedding

You should make sure that you are the most beautiful girl in your wedding. There are many things that you can do – aside from choosing the right wedding gowns – to be beautiful on the day of your wedding and the following days. You should know that you are only beautiful as you believe… Read more »

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Ways to Make Laundering a Little More Eco-Friendly

  Though it may seem like a basic household chore, doing your laundry impacts the planet more than you think. According to reports, up to 80 percent of the environmental impact caused by our clothing comes from washing and drying, since it takes too much energy heating the water and running the dryer. So, there’s… Read more »

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Thrift Shopping at Singapore

  It’s been said a many times that shopping in Singapore is expensive. However, there are places you can go to for clothes and other items that won’t require you to starve for the rest of the month. Whether you’re looking for affordable electronic gadgets, clothing or specialty products, Singapore has lots of thrift shops… Read more »

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How to Determine if a Fabric is Synthetic or Natural

  There are many variations of fabric here in Singapore and if you have an allergic reaction to synthetic ones, it is crucial that you know how to distinguish a natural from an artificial one. It is hard to tell if it is natural or synthetic especially with the many variations from cotton to silk,… Read more »

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Foods That Are Actually Not Good for Breakfast

  You heard it thousand times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What if you are told that that is not entirely true? For people who cannot do without breakfast, it is very important but there are people who can skip it but still do better. Some people say that skipping… Read more »

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