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Hong San See Temple – The Temple of Luck

Situated in the Mohamed Sultan road, Hong San See Temple is one of Singapore’s oldest structures. Basically, is built between 1908 and 1913. However, in 1836, it was a famous landmark at the Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar. The temple was built by the Hokkien culture specifically in the Lam Ann clan and was devoted to… Read more »

The Daughters of Darkness

Are you fond of vampire movies or vampire novels? Well, you will be delighted because the Daughters of Darkness will be adopted for TV. If you might recall, Daughters of Darkness is a novel by V C Andrews. According to recent news, EVOS Media of Canada and Marvista Entertainment will partner to develop the novel…. Read more »

The Glory of 3D Printing

3D printing has come to Singapore. 3D printing here in Singapore has progressed from industrial applications to widespread adaptation. 3D printing is completely different than your conventional printers that only feature flat surface. In 3D printing, that picture will suddenly come to life. Many Singaporeans are increasingly fond of 3D printing because of its feel…. Read more »

Singapore: 4 Important Things to Bring to Have a Light Beach Vacation

Whether you are going to a beach for a day or perhaps a week, packing up things is the most important. To set things straight, you don’t have to bring many belongings on your beach vacation. In fact, all you need is money, food, clothes and lastly camera. Why? This is because bringing too many… Read more »

4 Messages a Massage Expert Wants to Say

Sometimes, we tend to do something that is not applicable or perhaps beyond the limit of a massage artist. Yes, we need to have massage at least once a week. Massage is a relaxation procedure to alleviate pain. For instance, stress. We tend to feel pains and aches around our body when stress comes in… Read more »

Things to Remember When in Site

The recent welter of construction accidents brought serious concerns. If you can recall, on January 22, 2014, 2 workers died at a construction in Fusionopolis Way and another died at a construction in Sengkang the next day. The Director for Workplace Safety & Health Yeo Guat Kwang expressed concern in the spate of accidents. The… Read more »

NHB’s Documentation Project

If you are into old buildings here in Singapore, you should look forward to National Heritage Board’s Documentation Project. The project is a research initiative of NHB. It seeks to encourage public awareness in the historical and architectural importance of observation decks. This is one of NHB’s initiatives to expand Singapore’s heritage database. NHB is… Read more »

Fish Safe Haven  

Naturally, fishes are living in the sea. Actually, it is a clear mistake when a fish is placed in the aquarium and make it as a decoration or perhaps as a pet. However, many people are taking it for granted and is ignoring it as if it is not a serious matter. In Singapore, many… Read more »