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Real Disney-Like Places in the World  

Here in Singapore, everyone loves Disney. The charm of Disney never fades even after the death of Walt Disney, the founder. Your kids are probably convincing you to visit Disneyland in Hong Kong at this moment. You can indulge them in Disneyland or you can think of other affordable things to spoil them. If in… Read more »

Tips in Buying a New Home Property

Finding a comfortable and cozy home in Singapore for our family to live in can be quite difficult especially for those who are first-timers when it comes to buying housing properties. You need to consider a lot of things like your budget, and the location of the house that you want. So here are some… Read more »

3 Most Expensive Cocktail Drinks in the World  

After a hard day’s work, it’s important for us to sit back and unwind. For most people, unwinding means having a low-key drink with friends or painting the town red with alcohol and lots of dance music. However you may want to spend your night out, we can all agree that cocktails drinks are a… Read more »

5 Awesome International Buffets in the City

With our rich culinary history and a large number of foreign restaurants setting up shop in our shores, it’s no wonder Singapore has been recognized as the premier food destination in Southeast Asia. If you want to sample a range of international cuisines, check out these 5 awesome buffet restaurants: The Line (Shangri-La Hotel) If… Read more »

3 Astounding Foods That Promote Weight Loss

In order to effectively lose weight, some of us must change our diet or incorporate new food choices that will help keep us healthy and aid in weight loss. Of course eating healthy foods alone does not guarantee successful weight loss. We have to undergo a strict diet and be aware of how many calories… Read more »

Dad, This One’s for You!

We are counting down the weeks till it’s finally June 15th, the day when we show our love and appreciation to our noble fathers. We still have plenty of days to think up of gifts to give our dads so we have no excuse to let our dads be empty-handed on their special day. To… Read more »

Tips to Become a Blushing Bride  

Let’s admit it. There’s a lot of pressure in becoming a bride. The one with the most weight is your decision of finally settling down and choosing a life that is shared between you and your soon-to-be-husband. Other than this though there are the usual pressures you will inevitably encounter as well, such as the… Read more »

Savor the Flavor of Singapore’s Indian Cuisine

If you are planning to have a food trip this weekend, include Indian foods on the list. Whether it is a North Indian dish or perhaps a South Indian cuisine, you should not worry because it is here in he country. Actually, there are a lot of Indian restaurants that scattered around the city. In… Read more »