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5 Ways to Score Cheap Flights

Most of us have probably experienced the tiresome searching when trying to book for the cheapest possible flight to our destination. With the endless search on the search engines and continuous fluctuation in the prices, an attempt to book a frugal flight can be just overwhelming. But instead of getting all frustrated and worked up… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Sleeping Naked

Most of us only slip out of our pyjamas when we’re planning to turn up the heat in the bedroom. What we don’t know is that other than the purpose of canoodling with our partner, sleeping naked can actually be beneficial for our health. From an improved hormonal balance to better body composition, there are… Read more »

An Advisory from Health Sciences Authority  

In supplementing our health, we should never go for something that might endanger us. This is the primary goal of the Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA). The agency serves as the ear and eyes of Singaporeans when it comes to safe supplements. If we are uncertain of a particular Western medicine or any supplements, we… Read more »

Hawker Done Differently  

Many Singaporeans love to dine at hawker centres despite wide selections of restaurants around. The good news is that there myriad of hawker centres across the city-island that are committed to give their customers a different experience but sometimes we want to try something out of the ordinary. If we want to get away from… Read more »

7 Natural Essential Oils with the Most Helpful Health Benefits

Essential oils are indeed essential for beauty and healthcare routine. Because they are natural and chemical-free, they are number one ingredient to many cosmetics and fragrances. However, many of these oils found in Singapore can do more than just making products smell good. While it isn’t a hundred percent that these oils we include in… Read more »

After-Party Beauty Tips for Girls

A cache of beauty tips and tricks for the morning after a crazy night out is something that every Singaporean girl should have. Check out these beauty tips that will help you cover up the effects of a rocking hard night. Wash off your makeup before going to bed. Even if you’re too tired and… Read more »

A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Losing Weight

Perhaps every lazy Singaporean girls question is: Is it possible to shed off some pounds even if you’re not a health and fitness fanatic? Luckily, yes and you don’t have to starve yourself to do it. Losing weight can actually be as easy as changing your eating habits as well as your lifestyle. So if… Read more »

Observing Trans-Neptunian Objects  

Just a recap, there are currently eight planets in our solar system. The outermost planet in our solar system is Neptune. Beyond Neptune is Pluto which is now considered as a “dwarf planet”. This was declared by International Astronomical Union way back 2006. You have to know that Spanish and British astronomers are saying that… Read more »