6 Tips in Packing Your Travel Makeup Kit

Broken compacts and shampoo explosions? What a bad way to start your supposedly epic vacation right? So before you start packing your beauty essentials, heed these tips first to ensure that you tote your beauty arsenal safely.


  1. Purchase a Shower Vanity Bag. Getting one will make things a lot easier for you, especially if you’re sharing one hotel bathroom with your friends. Plus, you’ll no longer need to keep going in and out of the bathroom when you forgot something.
  1. Stuff Some Cotton in Your Compacts. If you plan to pack your makeup kit in luggage, then it would be best to put some cotton pads or balls in your compacts to absorb any shock and prevent your powders from breaking apart.
  1. Repack Products in Smaller Bottles. Understand that luggage allowance is expensive, so leave your huge lotion bottles behind and just transfer some of your liquid products in squeezable bottles or travel-sized jars. That way, you can save your luggage allowance for your travel keepsakes and shopping items.


  1. Opt for Multitasker Products. Another great way to make packing your makeup kit a lot easier is to opt for multitasker products like BB creams and lotions. Your favourite BB cream can work as your concealer, foundation and sunscreen rolled into one, while your lotion can serve as a great hair cream alternative. Carry these products instead, especially if you’re just going to travel and pack light.
  1. Use Spill-Proof Techniques. Regardless of how hard you seal your bottle, there will be times that it’ll still leak. To save you the trouble of cleaning a spilled makeup product, simply cut a piece of plastic and place it over the lip of the bottle before sealing it. With this, you’re sure that the product is properly sealed.
  1. Cushion Your Makeup Kit. As you pack your makeup kit, sandwich it between your towels or clothes. That way, it’s wrapped in items that can protect it while it’s being thrown at the back of a car, or at the baggage counter.

Other practising techniques to properly pack your clothes, you should also learn some tricks on how you can safely and effectively pack your beauty essentials. That way, you can still stay pretty and mess-free for the whole duration of your weekend getaway.


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