5 Ways to Score Cheap Flights

Most of us have probably experienced the tiresome searching when trying to book for the cheapest possible flight to our destination. With the endless search on the search engines and continuous fluctuation in the prices, an attempt to book a frugal flight can be just overwhelming. But instead of getting all frustrated and worked up in searching for cheap airfares in the Internet, use these strategic tips to get the upper hand the next time you book cheap flights.


  1. Fly Early or Late in the Day. One of the best ways to score a cheap flight is to take either a first or a last flight, because these flights tend to be cheapest and have the most unfilled number of seats. Book flights that are scheduled very early in the morning or late in the night to get the best deal.
  1. Travel on Off-Peak Days. Other than travelling early or late in the day, another way to score a cheap flight is by flying on off-peak days, which is during Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Although some airlines might necessitate you to fly out on certain days. Delta airlines, for instance, might require you to fly this coming Saturday and fly back the next Monday or Tuesday.


  1. Opt for Bundles. Most online travel agencies often offer last-minute packages of flight and hotel stays set in prices that are thousands below their normal rate. The same thing goes for cruise packages. They often start out with high prices, but drastically drops at the last moment before departure. So, keep your eyes open for cruise and flight deals on online sites like Lastminute.com.
  1. Go for a Weeklong Stay. If your original plan was to just have a quick weekend jaunt in your destination, then we suggest that you consider making a weeklong stay. Airfares often get cheaper during weekdays, so staying a little longer will surely get you a cheaper fare for your return flight home.
  1. Join the Sit Bidding. Airlines that have unsold seats on their flights usually allow bid sites like Hotwire or Priceline to sell their remaining seat at amazingly low prices. To get an idea as to how you can bid for some sits, visit Priceline’s Inside Tracker.

Finding a good shortcut to scoring a cheap airfare isn’t really easy, but if you’re willing to put in some of your extra time and effort in using some of the aforementioned strategies, then you’ll definitely be able to save some big bucks on your next flight.


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