5 Things to Do After Your Job Interview

A job interview is only half the battle in a job hunt, which is why making a lasting impression after the interview is vital in closing the deal. So if you’re still confused with what you should do after your job interview, here are five ways on how you can stay in touch with your prospective company and be on the top of their ‘to-hire’ list.


  1. Follow-Up As Soon As Possible. Timing is everything when it comes to hitting the send button of your follow-up or thank you email. If you’re planning to send an electronic follow-up, ensure that you send it within 24 hours with a handwritten note to be received within seven days. In fact, interview experts suggest doing so an hour after the interview so that your meeting is still fresh in mind. Do your follow-ups early on to avoid getting lost in the shuffle of papers or any potential procrastinating.


  1. Send a Handwritten Note. Although emailing is the fastest way to get your follow-up across, it wouldn’t hurt to send a handwritten note as well. In fact, some companies still tout the importance of a handwritten note. Just ensure to know the situation you’re in first before sending out a note. If the hiring process of your prospective company seems like a lengthy one, then send one note in addition to the electronic follow-up that you sent.


  1. Personalize Your Letter. A handwritten letter is good, but make sure that yours isn’t a generic and impersonal one. In composing your message, take you time to notice something good about the company and then state why you’d want to work there. If you want, you can get a bit personal with your interviewer by asking how he’s recent trip went or recommending a restaurant that you think he’d like. This will show your attention to detail and that you really listened to everything he said during your interview


  1. Proofread. This should go without saying, but the prevalence of improper grammar and misspellings on follow-up letters warrant a second look – and even third if possible. Misspelled words or names is a big turn off for most hiring managers, and one misspelled word could already cost you your dream job. So do proofread your letter several times before hitting the send button or mailing it. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss you chance to land a job just because you misspelled a single word.


  1. Stay in Touch. If there’s one thing you should remember in a job hunt it is: A persistent pursuer always gets the best result. So even if you didn’t make the cut for now, do keep in touch with your interviewer. Hiring managers shared that they do keep a folder of the potential employees who impressed them, and it would certainly do them good if they kept in touch with the company. Doing so simply shows that they’re still interested in working for the company and are just working on the skills that they didn’t have during the interview.

Your job interview is just the start of your quest in landing a job, so ensure that you make a rather lasting impression with your interviewer by doing the aforementioned strategies.


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