5 Reasons Why You Should Try Sleeping Naked

Most of us only slip out of our pyjamas when we’re planning to turn up the heat in the bedroom. What we don’t know is that other than the purpose of canoodling with our partner, sleeping naked can actually be beneficial for our health. From an improved hormonal balance to better body composition, there are just several reasons why you should go and try sleeping naked.

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  1. It’s Healthy for Your Lady Parts. Giving your lady parts some breathing air is actually a good idea. Keeping them covered in tight clothes all time can make a good breeding ground for yeast infections and bacteria. So let your lady parts be free every once in a while as you sleep.
  1. It Helps You Lose Weight. One of the best ways to fight stress is to get a good night’s sleep. As you sleep, the production of your growth hormones increases while your cortisol secretion decreases. When you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you’ll wake up with abnormally high levels of cortisol that can trigger your appetite for comfort foods, causing you to overeat.


  1. It Promotes Better Sleep. As you sleep, your body temperature naturally declines as a part of the circadian rhythm, allowing you to sleep better and deeper – and sleeping in pyjamas could disrupt the natural drop in your body temperature, resulting to a disrupted sleep cycle that could lead to insomnia. So, reward yourself with a good night’s rest by skipping your PJs and snoozing naked.
  1. It Keeps You Looking Youthful. Naturopaths always say that having a high body temperature at night is what disrupts the release of anti-aging hormones and melatonin, the hormone responsible for maintaining the sleep and wake cycle, and getting rid of antioxidants, in the body. This is why researchers recommend ditching the pyjamas so that our body temperature and hormone release are properly regulated at night.
  1. It Boosts Self-Esteem. If you’re someone who have body confidence issues, then the idea of sleeping naked might help you learn to appreciate and love yourself. Through this, you can start becoming accustomed with how you really look and overtime, you might finally learn to appreciate how good you actually look.

Other than being comfortable as we sleep, sleeping naked do offer a lot of benefits for our body. So, go ahead and skip on your PJs, and snooze off to dreamland with just your birthday suit.


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