5 Must-Haves to Make Your Overnight Flight More Bearable

An overnight flight doesn’t have to be a hellish trip. While being up in the air for too long is notorious for causing jetlag and a mild insomnia, it becomes bearable if you carry the essential must-haves with you. You should first learn how to prepare well just before any long-haul flight. Remember that you will be travelling for hours and hours, and easing the stress that experience puts on the body must be on your list of top priorities.

You can only prepare for so much, though. There might be out-of-the-blue events that might disrupt the smooth flow of your planning; such as losing things or having unwanted accidents. No need to get put off by this. The good news is, planning ahead by devising a strategy paves the way for a much better and happier travel experience.

1. Sleeping kit
Since you are about to spend hours laying on a compressed chair devoid of generous space (regardless if you’re flying business class), you must at least make yourself comfortable. Most people bring along with them their sleeping kit, which are materials to make sleeping in flight a little more tolerable. Common items include cozy socks, a warm sweater, a small yet comfortable pillow, and sometimes even a moisturizer.

2. Some entertainment
Considering the number of hours you’ll spend on a flight, you must find something to pass the time with. Sleeping can only consume a few hours. Realistically speaking, you are likely to find yourself in an awake and bored state even with all the in-flight entertainment provided to you. To combat this, bring a book of your own choice or download a movie you’ve been wanting to see on your phone.

3. Wet wipes
Wet wipes are convenient for a million things. Consider bringing a pack with you during your next travel journey because it might just become a life-saver! You can use it for taking off your make-up as you sleep, freshening up or cooling down, and cleaning up spills and messes.

4. Carry-on toiletries
Should you need to head to the comfort room in the middle of your flight, keeping a bunch of toiletries in your carry-on baggage will save you from the hassle of rummaging through your suitcase. This can be very convenient given that you will be staying in such a cramped space for long stretches of hours. Include a tooth brush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and tissues in your toiletries.

5. Snacks
The complimentary snack of pretzels and a soda handed by the flight attendant doesn’t always satisfy your hunger. With overpriced in-flight menu items, you can save a couple of dollars by packing your own snack or meal. Doing so is a practical decision to make. Not only do you minimize your expenses but you also enjoy the snack of your own choice.

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