5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Basketball

One of the best sports and mostly enjoyed sports of all time is Basketball. It is by far the most played game of all time because it is not just fun but engaging as well. This is the kind of sport that can be played with your family, friends or anyone you want. This is not just a mere sport but a good bonding activity. This has been a very popular sports for a very long time and many talented and skill players were known of this sports like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Stephen Curry and a whole lot more.


The Singapore Slingers is one of the professional basketball team acknowledged in Singapore. The team participated in ASEAN competitions for basketball and every now and then gives pride to their home nation. Majority of people do love basketball not just because of its very active and adrenaline-filled game but as well as the reason that it teaches us important lessons in life. Here are five life lessons that basketball teaches you;

  1. Life if a constant dribbling process

We dribble up and down in the course of time. There is nothing constant in this lifetime but change – change in the sense that we never remain on top and never remain down low for the rest of our life. Like in basketball, we dribble every single day, we strive to go up whenever were down, and when were up, we always take ready for the fall. Because life as we know it, never stays the same – sometimes were up, sometimes were down.

  1. Keeping your eye on the ring – focus is everything

A good basketball player keeps a keen eye on the basket – on his goal to successfully shoot the ball in and score. Same way with our lives, if we want to be successfully in something, we need to keep our focus on our goal. Its human nature that we define what we want in order to create a certain goal in life. With having that goal, it gives us the motivation to continue and succeed. Giving up is never an option because we believe that if we want something we can do everything to get that – we are absolutely focus and determined to reach that success.


  1. We sometimes need to pass things to our mates

No man is an island, that’s what they say and obviously it is true to its very sense. In basketball, when we are too caught up with opponents, we tend to pass the ball to our teammate to make sure that it is safe and stays on your team. Same thing in our life, when we are too caught up with problems, frustrations, shortcomings, hardships and any other things that we find too bothering, we hand it over and share it to our family and friends. It is very real because we do recognize the fact that though we are capable of overcoming it all, we also know that we need some motivation and guidance from the people around us to keep going and reach that goal in our life. Sowhenever you feel doubtful on passing and sharing things with your family – never hesitate because that is the reality of life.

  1. It is normal to guard the things that matters.

In a basketball game, it is always normal that opponents try to grab the ball in the other players hand and take it away, but the defensive player will do everything with his power to protect the ball and keep it in his hands. Same way in our life – no matter how hard things may get, we do everything in our power to protect the ones we love, the things we have in life, every single thing that matters because it is human nature that we protect the things we value in life.

  1. We all committed traveling in our lifetime

We tend to hold on for too long when it’s really time to let go. Travelling is a fault committed when a player holds on the ball for too long without dribbling or not even passing it to his teammates. This also happens in our life, we tend to hold on to something for too long because we think this are the things that matter, and when it’s time to let go, that’s when we realize that we are too caught up without even noticing things are going wrong. We considerate things so much that we forget that we need to let go of the things when we already know it is not and never meant to be.


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