2-in-1 Beauty Products Worth Every Penny

We are such big fans of multi-tasking beauty products. Not only they help save space in the vanity, they also help simplify our busy lives. So, if you are as hardcore fan of 2-in-1 products as we are, you are in the right place. We’ve complied six of our favorite beauty products that will promise to give you twice as much bang for your buck.

1. Texturizing Dry Shampoo
Remove oiliness and add texture to your strands in one step with a texturizing dry shampoo. This product gives a punch of grit to the hair along with the cleanliness that a dry shampoo provides, making your day-two or day-three hair look like freshly washed and blow dried.

2. Eyeliner and Lash Boosting Serum
Finally, a combination that makes a lot of sense. Put on a dramatic cat-eye every single day, while also giving your lashes some extra TLC. Get yourself an eyeliner that works twice as hard for you, defining your beautiful eyes and rewarding you with better lashes tomorrow.

3. In-Shower Lotion and Tanner
Do all your “stuff” in the shower to save precious time getting ready in the morning. With an in-shower body lotion and self-tanner in one, you can perfect your complexion before you even get out of the shower. Simply apply the product to your skin, let it sit for three minutes, rinse off thoroughly and then dazzle everyone with your soft, perfectly tanned skin without the sticky feeling of lotion or that unpleasant odor of a self-tanner.

4. Beauty Oil: Moisturizer and Cleanser
They are called beauty oil for a reason—they are all-around solution for your beauty needs. Beauty oils, such as sunflower oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil, can be used to moisturize your skin, melt and remove make-up and even mix in foundations to adjust its thickness and coverage. Slather a thick layer on face to remove make up and a thin layer on face to serve as moisturizer before going to bed.

5. Hydrating Shampoo
For thin, greasy hair type, it’s tricky to achieve a voluminous look. Try swapping your everyday shampoo with hydrating shampoo to achieve wavy, healthy looking hair. Lather up and leave the product on while you’re doing the rest of your shower rituals before rinsing it off. Skip conditioner this time and enjoy your clean, voluminous locks once your hair dries down.

6. Castile Soap
Bring your bottle of castile soap in the shower for body wash and shampoo. Then, bring it to the kitchen to clean countertops, mop the floors and everywhere that needs cleaning. Seriously, this product is an all-around solution. It is not harsh for your skin, but also boasts cleaning properties for your home.

With products like these, you really get so much more of what you pay for. Plus, many of them are not as expensive as you think, which makes them even better deals.

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