10 Signs You’re Probably Pregnant

Having morning sickness is the most cliché symptom of being pregnant, but some women who do not know they are pregnant will necessarily experience the same symptoms you see on television and movies. If you are not yet planning to have a baby, you should still be able to tell whether your contraceptive is working or not with these signs.

Heartburn. This is the feeling of a burning sensation in your chest after or while eating. Sometimes it gets worse when you’re bending or lying down.

Bloating. When you’re pregnant, the hormone progesterone relaxes all your muscles in the body, which means that even the digestion of food becomes slower. This could lead to bloating and gas. Avoid food such as fried food, beans, cabbage, and sweets to reduce bloating.

Sensitive Nose. You will notice that you suddenly have a strong aversion to certain smells, even from food and items that did not bother you before. This is very common during the first trimester, but doctors can’t explain why this happens to some women.

Fatigue. It is not just feeling lazy but feeling totally exhausted as if you have been working nonstop for most of the day even when you’re not. You will also find yourself taking more naps than usual.

Cramps. The feeling might be similar to the period cramps, but they have different causes. Period cramps are caused by the increase of the prostaglandins and the shedding or the uterine lining, while pregnancy cramps are caused by the blood flow increase to the uterus.

Sore Breasts. Some women might mistake this as a sign that their period is just around the corner, but if the tenderness does not go away and the sensations are more intense the usual, then you might be expecting. If you look closely, you will also notice that your areolas are darker and the veins on your boobs are more noticeable.

Cravings. Most pregnant women will experience this at some point and yet doctors can’t explain why this happens. Maybe it is your body’s way of telling you that you need more nutrients or vitamins from certain food. If you have cravings, remember that it is okay to indulge but not overeat.

Food Aversions. You will also find yourself gagging on certain food. This sometimes goes with a heightened sense of smell. Some pregnant women can smell the food they hate from miles away. It is important to remember not to force yourself to eat something you don’t like. Sure, you need to eat healthy, but find alternatives if something makes you nauseous.

Frequent Urination. Within a few weeks after conception, your hormones are still in chaos. In particular, the hCG hormone increases, the component in your urine which is used in detecting pregnancy through a test kit.

Feeling Hot. Sweating and hot flashes might mean that you are pregnant. It can also lead to swollen mucous membranes.

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